We’ve all heard it time and time again, change is inevitable.

Well, the time has come for this to ring true for On the Plus Side. In my original vision, I saw this as a place to celebrate my plus-sized body, share fashion & beauty finds, and develop a habit of positivity. While I definitely do love a good fashion find, I’ve come to realize it’s really not my passion, and feel like it’s something best left to the veteran plus sized fashion bloggers of the world.

In the months since I last really thought about the blog, I’ve had some pretty big life changes. My career changed (back to my old job – apparently I already had my dream job 5 years ago…who knew?), I entered a new decade of life, and have reevaluated priorities.

This brings me to the change you’re going to see on the blog.

I’m going to shift the focus away from fashion (which is already locked down by some seriously fabulous ladies!) and instead focus on building positivity and stillness into every day.

If you have suggestions, requests, or comments, please feel free to share either here or through Twitter, I would love to hear from you!